About Us

ProPredictions are not some almighty gurus that see in the future and can predict every score and every game right, but we are serious about our job and if you follow our predictions on regular basics, you will notice they are sharp.

Football predictions are usually made by computer programs, more or less sophisticated, but all of them are based on past statistics, H2H, table placement, team price, reputation or just by odds set by bookies. There are a lot more information beside statistics that needs to be taken into account to make an expert football prediction.

Information like injuries and suspensions, game referee, motivation, team spirit, weather, pitch conditions, latest team news, odds and margin movements are essentials in expert football betting prediction. ProPrediction experts take all these factors into consideration before manually posting each individual match, and even changing it later if they come up with new insights.

Why top leagues betting? You may think that it is not possible to make money betting on top leagues because bookies have all important information and odds are always on their side. After years in sports betting industry, we have come to conclusion that betting on top leagues is the only way to go, and our profitable premium tips prove it.

If you already have some betting experience then you know how important margin changes, odds drop or liquidity of market are. Top football leagues have good betting liquidity and you will not move margin or odds with couple hundred or a thousand euros bet.

ProPrediction is not just another software prediction, we are football expert predictions, with focus and experience.

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