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It is not easy to make profit betting on top football leagues, but if you already have some betting experience then you know how important margin changes, odds drop or liquidity of markets are. After years in sports betting industry, we have come to conclusion that betting on top leagues is the best way to go, and 3/5 profitable years (+206 Units) with public record behind us to prove it. Our bets are always singles, Under/Over or Asian handicap, as we consider it the only profitable way of betting. If you are new to Asian handicap betting, start with this Asian handicap betting guide. You can also find useful betting advice in our expert betting guide.


Screenshot of 2013-14 season statistics can be found here:

Screenshot of 2014-15 season statistics can be found here:

Screenshot of 2015-16 season statistics can be found here:

Screenshot of 2016-17 season statistics can be found here:

Screenshot of 2017-18 season statistics can be found here:


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